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 bot :: Чт Фев 12 2009, 14:20
Чт Фев 12 2009, 14:20

FlameReader Text to Speech software is a type of speech synthesis application that can convert digital text into audio speech. FlameReader can "read" text from a Word document, a text file, a PDF file, Web page, and more; generating synthesized speech through a computer's speaker. It is the most advanced digital speech technology in the world. FlameReader recognizes all SAPI5 compatible speakers properly installed in your computer.

  • Open Multiple Text Files
  • Read Text in the Text Window
  • Repeat Listening to a Selected Section
  • Convert Text to MP3/WAVE Files
  • Zoom In, Zoom Out
  • Undo, Redo

Цитата :
For more convenient, Undo allows you to correct your mistakes to try different aspects and Redo helps you re-execute the last undone action while editing text in the reader window.
  • Translations

Цитата :
Translation is a speedy and easy to use language learning tool. It assists customers study new languages or view website in native language.
  • Translation supports English to French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and French to English, German to English, Spanish to English, Japanese to English, Korean to English, Chinese to English.
  • Make Conversations with several speakers involved.
  • Typing Echo
  • PowerReader

Цитата :
Tired of restrictions of the reader window? You don't want to copy and paste anymore? PowerReader is your right choice. Directly open any applications like Online News, Websites, Emails, Word Documents, PDF files, ebooks ect, highlight a block of text, click on PowerReader Read button to start listening.
  • Add-in Toolbars in Office and IE
  • Pronunciation Editor
  • Batch Text to Audio Converter
  • Batch MP3 and WAVE files Converter
  • Player and Recorder
  • Audio File Merger
  • Audio File Converter
  • Audio Editor

Цитата :
FlameReader Audio Editor is a visual audio files editor. It can be used to build applications, that allows the end-user to perform various operations with audio data such as displaying a wave form image of an audio file, filtering, applying various audio effects, examining the frequency components and other details about your audio with the help of Frequency Analysis, Statistics, and Spectral View features, format conversion, etc.
31 FlameReader 10-Day Trial

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